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The Rose City Classic Series of Dog Shows is one of the largest and most popular dog events in the United States. It spans 5 days, starting with Individual Breeds and Group (all Terrier breeds, e.g.) Specialty Shows  on Wednesday, followed by 4 days of all-breed dog shows representing more than 185 individual breeds. It features top notch performance and companion events such as agility, obedience, Rally®, Canine Good Citizen and even the new AKC event, Trick Dogs.

These shows are hosted by Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon (DFAO),  and the Tualatin Kennel Club (TKC)  two AKC clubs that have served the greater Portland area for more than 70 and 40 years, respectively. The members of these not-for-profit clubs donate their time and expertise to put on the Rose City Classic, and afterwards donate profits to causes that promote responsible dog ownership and the health and welfare of dogs.

To learn more about these local dog clubs and connect with others who have a passion for dogs, visit them at Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon and Tualatin Kennel Club.

The all-breed shows feature breed judging, which is also called Conformation, as well as Obedience, Rally and Agility Trials on Thursday through Sunday.  AKC Canine Good Citizen Tests are  offered on two or three days of the week end as well, schedule to be announced. Classes for Beginner Puppies, 4-6 months old are held on Saturday. People who are looking for a specific breed can check out Meet the Breeds, which will be posted about a week after the closing date of the show in the Spectator section. To find the premium lists and judging schedules, look in the upper right hand area of every page. The premium list will be posted in late November but the judging programs cannot be posted until approximately a week after the official closing date of the show.