Exhibitor Info

General Information

The Rose City Classic is dedicated to providing exhibitors with the best show environment possible. We work year-round to assure a safe, serviceable and enjoyable environment for the comfort of our exhibitors and the welfare of their dogs.

The superintendent for the Rose City Class Series of Dog Shows is Jack Onofrio Dog Shows. Please visit their website to enter online or to get more information. Their Oklahoma City phone number is 405-427-8181. 

The Rose City Classic spans 5 days starting on January 15, 2020 with 20 specialties and group shows on Wednesday, followed by 4 all-breed shows that feature conformation (breed judging) and agility all 4 days. Obedience, Rally, CGC, Trick Dogs and Temperament Tests will be offered on the weekend. Please note the early closing date of January 1, 2020 for the show.  Please see the Home page for entry forms and schedules, and click on About Us, Clubs and Events for more information about the show-giving clubs.

In addition to the traditional exhibitor events like conformation and companion events mentioned above, RCC offers several special events, competitions and activities.  

Please click on the following link for information about the Oregon Dog Judges Seminars  that are held in conjunction with Rose City Classic.

Meet the Breeds: The Rose City Classic Meet-the-Breeds Showcase is a fun and exciting opportunity for breed clubs and fanciers to introduce their breeds to the public. It’s one of the few chances responsible hobby breeders have to provide local families with good information and a hands-on experience with their breed.  Meet-the-Breeds will be offered on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In previous years more than 70 breed clubs have participated and we’re expecting more this year.  If your club would like to participate, please contact our Meet-the-Breeds Coordinator, Linda Bell, at your earliest convenience so that she can reserve your spot.  The schedule for Meet-the-Breeds will be published on the home page about a week after the show closes.  

Beginner Puppy Competition for 4-6-month-old puppies will be held midday Saturday: Information about entering this event is listed in the premium list which can be found on the home page.

Limited Juniors Competition is offered on Saturday: Information about entering this event is listed in the premium list which can be found on the home page.

Supreme Specialty Challenge: Specialty Best of Breed winners are invited to compete for prizes and to become the Best of the Best midday on Sunday.

Reserved Grooming (downloadable form)

Show Site and Venue Attractions

The Portland Metropolitan Exposition Center has 330,000 square feet of exhibition space

  • 10 meeting rooms
  • Full-service kitchen with numerous and varied food vendors
  • Parking for 2,200 vehicles
  • Large conformation rings
  • Large, fully matted group, obedience and rally rings
  • Fully matted agility rings (world class surface added in 2006)
  • Huge grooming area
  • Indoor dog-bathing facilities
  • West Delta Bar and Grill
  • Located near the airport and
    numerous hotels and restaurants

Save parking fees at the Expo: take the free exhibitor shuttle for you and your dogs!
between the host hotel, the Red Lion Hotel on the River and show site from 6:30 to 10:00 am and from 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm or close of the show. Rental cars and Taxi services are available at the airport. If you call Uber or Lift at the airport, be sure to ask for a vehicle that carries dogs.

Driving directions to the show can be found in the premium list or Click here and then click on directions for a map.